Best capes in minecraft dungeons


Best capes in minecraft dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons has a lot of capes that players love to use and customize their gaming experience. They are not useful and provide no tactical advantage.

Eight are available in the game right now. Three more will be added later in the Cloudy Climb seasonal adventures. These are the five most popular characters in the game at the moment, although many are not currently available

5) Red Royal Cape

The cape is elegant and simple. The red color is beautiful and the gold trim is a nice touch. This is the original Hero Cape design, and it's not available in the current game.

4) Hero Cape

The Hero Cape is a great cape and a brilliant redesign of the Red Royal Cape. A cape for heroes brave enough to take on the Arch-Illager. This cape can be purchased from the Hero Edition, the Ultimate Edition, and the Ultimate DLC Bundle.

3) Hammer Cape

Minecraft Dungeons players love to have a hammer on their backs. This cape is the symbol of blacksmiths, soldiers. This cape is loved by players who love its simple design and color scheme. This is currently not available to players.

2) Iron Golem Cape

The Iron Golem is a popular mob in Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. Many players love to wear its face on their backs. The Iron Golem Cape was created to honor the powerful protectors of Villagers. It now belongs to you. It's also not available at the moment.

1) Sinister Cape

The Sinister Cape is the most beloved and best in the game. This cape is old and worn, but it struggles to keep up to the wind. This cape was awarded as a reward for Minecraft Dungeons' 10 million players.