Minecraft Realms servers


Minecraft Realms servers

Mojang lets players rent Minecraft Realm servers through their interface. This is in addition to the many privately-hosted Minecraft servers.

What exactly are the Minecraft Realms?

Mojang refers to realm as “private, persistent, worlds, safely stored on the cloud”. They are Minecraft servers hosted on cloud servers, which allow multiplayer without the need for administrator knowledge.

There are no additional files or executables required to set up a Minecraft realm. Simply paying the subscription will keep it running persistently so players can enjoy it whenever they want.

Minecraft: How to create a realm

It is very easy to set up a Minecraft realm. You can easily set up your Minecraft realm by visiting Minecraft.net's realms or just using the main menu.

Realms allow Minecraft players to have fun with their friends in a casual and easy way without having to worry about hosting.

Minecraft Realms Plus is available for those who enjoy the experience. Subscribers can access curated content like texture packs, skin packets, and downloadable worlds.